Fast Play Track and Field offers an unmatched opportunity for parents to invest in their young athlete’s future. Our specialized program is designed to improve your child’s talents on the playing field with personalized training by professional athletes. Here at Fast Play Track and Field our goal is to provide a complete training program that will advance your young athletes confidence, sport knowledge and performance. We offer one-on- one, position-specific training sessions with current and former professional athletes. We begin with an initial physical assessment that includes a written evaluation and recommendation for training services. After the evaluation, options for training packages can be tailored to meet the athlete’s specific needs.

Track and Field can serve as a foundation to any sport you compete in. Not only will you develop speed and the ability to develop your unique running rhythm; you will also learn proper running techniques which include explosiveness, stride length, proper body position, knee height, arm movement, and dorsiflexion positioned feet. All these running techniques are essential components in executing your race properly. You will also build your cardiovascular system up, build lean muscle, and learn to rely on your core for needed power.

Track & Field Administration Bios:

Josephine Smedley, Fast Play Athletics Track and Field Program Director
Josephine is a practitioner and advocate for creating positive life-changing opportunities for youth to thrive and succeed academically, personally and in their passions.  Josephine began her youth-focused career over 10 years ago with the development and implementation of countywide youth-specific health and wellness programs and services for the Alameda County Office of Education.  With the intention to have greater impact, Josephine provided statewide services and leadership development opportunities for youth throughout California as the Youth Program Coordinator for the California Youth Advocacy Network.  Having the privilege and honor to work with hundreds of youth throughout California, she is happy to bring her expertise and passion to Fast Play Athletics.

Melinda Hudlin, Fast Play Athletics Head Track and Field Coach
Coach Melinda Hudlin (Smedley) is a retired world-class track & field sprinter and comes with over 20+ years’ experience in competing, training and coaching. Coach Hudlin’s passion for health and fitness is rooted from her track & field career, which excelled in both high school and collegiate levels that led her to the world-class stage. Coach Hudlin has a strong belief in providing motivational and technical expertise to aid athletes in reaching and sustaining their best athleticism. Specializing in speed, strength endurance, and teaching front-side mechanics, proper running techniques, and building lean muscle needed for power and force, Coach Hudlin has developed the tools to be successful.

Career Highlights
Personal Records: 11.27 (2006), 23.10 (2006)
Three-time US Track & Field Olympic Trials Competitor (100m)
Three-time US Track & Field Championships Competitor (100m, 200m)
Six-time IAAF World Ranked (100m)
Seven-time US Ranked (100m)
2003 SDSU Record Holder (100m, 200m)
10+ years SDSU Record Holder (4x100m Relay)
NACAC / USA Team Under-23 Championships (4th / 200m)
Occidental Invitational –
Mt. Sac Relays –

Estreanda Yates, Fast Play Athletics Track and Field Assistant Coach and Administrator
Estreanda Yates is a former Track & Field Athlete of San Diego State University. She attributes her accomplishments and success in the marketplace to the tools learned through her career in track and field.  According to Estreanda,  “Team work, leadership, discipline and motivating others are all skills I first learned on the track!” Now the President of a two companies and a Strategy Coach, she has honed in on the skills she learned in Track & Field to help others create and live a meaningful life. She values spending time husband, Nick Yates and son, Braven and enjoys giving her time to help others.

Fast Play Track & Field Director | Jerome Avery

Jerome Avery

Fast Play Track & Field Director of Operations | Josephine Smedley


Fast Play Track & Field Head Coach | Melinda Hudlin


Fast Play Track & Field Assistant Coach | Estreanda Yates


Fast Play Track & Field Assitant Coach Marketing and Promotions | Rashan Guillory


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