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Halimton’s Heart Foundation and Fast Play Athletics have partnered to create teach, inspire, motivate, and support our students for a healthy future. Our teaching and training techniques promote overall wellness, supported by professional athletes who specialize in youth health and fitness. We accomplish our mission through fun and structured fitness programs as well as a kid-friendly nutritional curriculum. We partner with local School Community Education departments to utilize their gyms and field space.

Boys and girls of all ages, from different ethnic backgrounds and locales, and with varying physical abilities have one thing in common when it comes to their mental and physical health, the need and desire to release energy. Unfortunately a large portion of our youth is able to perform simple movement patterns, such as skipping, hopping, bounding, running and balancing.  We provide an outlet for their energy, instruction in movement skills and introduce kids to a healthy lifestyle by providing them with practical tools and tips they can adopt for the rest of their lives.

The 5 Dimensions of Wellness

1. Physical: Taking care of your body
– Engaging in physical activity safely and regularly (Workout with friend)
– Sleeping 7-8 hours per night.
– Eating a nutritional, balanced diet (Read food labels)

2. Intellectual: Encourages creative, stimulating mental activities
– Read a book
– Crossword Puzzle
– Pursue lifelong learning

3. Social: Taking care of your relationships in society
– Developing and maintain healthy relationships / managing unhealthy ones.
– Budgeting time to spend with loved ones (Go to lunch with a friend)
– Respecting identities of all individuals

4. Emotional: Take care of your mind
– Accepting yourself for who you are (Say something positive about you)
– Managing stress effectively
– Having a generally positive outlook about oneself in life

5. Environmental: Taking care of what’s around you
– Being aware of the impact you have on the environment (Recycle)
– Living in clean, safe, and adequate housing
– Developing safe habits to avoid accidents and injury
– Enjoying time in nature

Fast Play Recommended Youth Activities

NFL Flag Football

With NFL Leagues United

Fast Play Athletics is proud to partner with NFL Leagues United ( to provide a one of a kind flag football league.
NFL Leagues United was founded, operated, coached, and supported by former NFL and NCAA players. Holding true to their focus of building student athletes and not just athletes, NFL Leagues United works together with your local high school programs to provide a youth league that centers around development on and off the field.
Spring and Fall Seasons
Ages 5-14
5on5 | 6on6 | 7on7 Divisions
Academic and Athletic Focus and Standards
Games Played on Saturdays at Local High School



With Gwynn Baseball


Track & Field

With Mercury San Diego Track & Field



With Nomads Soccer Club La Jolla



With San Diego Imperial Counties Kids Wrestling

If you would like information on how to signup for one of our partner leagues, please provide your email address.


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